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HON-Abound Reception-500-003
OfficeSource-L-Shape Receptionw/Glass-pl169ttglasswh
OfficeSource-L-Shape Reception-osb05cg
OfficeSource-L-Shape Reception w/Boarders 2-osb15mw
OfficeSource-L-Shape Reception-os97wh
Friant-Willow Reception-A1
IOF-Custom Reception Desk-022
OfficeSource-L-Shape Reception w/Boarders-osb16mh
OfficeSource-Reception U-Shape-osb19
JSI-Strata Reception w/BeSpace Seating
HON-Reception w/Storage
IOF-Custom Reception 2
IOF-Reception 3
IOF-Custom U-Shape Reception
IOF-Reception 1
IOF-Custom L-Shape Reception
IOF-Reception-Lobby w/Screens
OfficeSource-L-Shape Reception w/Mobile Pedestals-pl169
OfficeSource-Shared Reception w/Storage-osb04mw

Reception Furniture


Your reception area provides the first impression when people enter your business. Thus, Discount Office Equipment will help you create a reception area that is a true statement of your company, which looks sharp, professional, and reflects your company brand.


Examples of new reception furniture include your reception desk, chairs, tables, etc. We will evaluate your needs and desires, including understanding the type of industry you are in, how many people generally come in the door, the numbers of people to seat/situate, and your personal style/aesthetics and price points. We then will refer to our many reception furniture manufacturers to suggest and design solutions for you.


Contact Discount Office Equipment for new reception furniture at 248 548.6900

Contact our Used/Clearance Center at 248 548.6904

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